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WPG Raid Berenzino
Forum » Dayz » After action report
Team speak
Joined: 20th Jul 2014
Rank: General
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10th Aug 2014

Game Time: 00:00 est


Members                  Kill's

Staff Sgt. Voodoo     0         

Sgt. Joshy                 0                     

Pvt. Ivan                     0                       

Cdt. Navin                 0                    

Cdt. 1Mdax                0                   

Cdt. Rocket_Josh    0       

Cdt. Twitch                0            

Cdt. Pantherx           0              

Raid started 00:00 EST we all met at south appts in berenzino. after 5 minutes 2 tangos was spotted heading for the north forest by Cdt. Pantherx.
the tangos then hid behind a tree.Staff Sgt voodoo went to scout the forest along with Pvt Ivan after searching the forest we was unable to get visual on the tangos
About 2 mins later 1 of the tangos was seen headed for the house with the orange roof just in front of the north forest.
after 10 mins the tango did not come out from behind the orange house and was presumed to have logged out.
Raid ended at 00:25
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Last Edit: 11th Aug 2014 by joshy
ggvoodoo (Banned)
Joined: 4th Aug 2014
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11th Aug 2014

u Good
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Forum » Dayz » After action report
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