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Dayz SA: Update 0.49
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What direction do you want to see DayZ head in?

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30th Aug 2014

     At the beginning of the month, we got 0.48 and I'll be honest the bugs outweighed the new items and persistence ( which only works on dev hosted servers!). But with the promise of 0.49 around the corner.Time to see what it in-tells.

Weather effects: The first implication of weather effects on players. This is mainly added to add to farming. Now you can get cold and wet= hypothermia and getting hot= hyperthermia. Also you dry clothing. So start wearing rain coats, boots and (personal favorite) Gorka-E   Gear.

Farming: Not much yet but soon you'll be able to plant crops and harvest them to help start a base which hopefully won't get attacked multiple time by a crazed, eyepatch wearing psychopath who keeps heads of zombie/people in a closet( Walking Dead reference!!!!) but anyways back on topic, not much has been add in this regard other than a new plant, but who knows what's next!?

Items: well the hunter backpack we've all been rockin lately will be exclusive to barns only(hence the title HUNTERS backpack!!). But soon we'll be getting a new backpacks, both military!! The first one is SPOSN backpack which is used in Russian secial forces. Baclava (ski face masks) in green, pink, ghost!? New helmet the MASKA helmet, riot police version with glass face piece. Also a New Delta Force helmet will be added to heli crash sites (US). I don,t know about the rest of you guys, but I'm going Gorka-e uniform+Smersh vest/backpack+MASKA helmet, Baclava ghost mask+ SPOSN backpack. 

Meichanics: Zombie pathfinding has been patched, mele combat improved, mi-18 helis have been fixed. Apple picking bug fixed. Finally 64 bit servers should be fully implemented. Also persistance on ALL servers.

Oh almost forgot

Weapons:the Rossi rifle(uses revolver rounds) and MP-113 pump action shotgun ( can't wait!) will be added. And mele weapons that can knock out players are brass knuckles, cattle prod, baton ( standard, retractable, tazer) versions will be added.

Dayz SA has been updateing faster and faster, with that we get cool thing but with bugs that follow. But this game is starting to get some where! With the announcement of DayZ SA on PS4 in the horizon, this will give Bohiemia the push it needs to finish standalone, plus they're seting a house of cards, if they fail to deliver they'll fall hard. And with that ill keep you posted. Peace and try not to die.

Oh, and p.s character wipes will happen when 0.49, so kiss your hacked M4, mosin, or shotgun good bye because it be gone and most likely duping as well( hopefully).

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30th Aug 2014

Wow i like to see all this soon lol thanks mike.
Forum » Dayz » DayZ Standalone Updates/patches/news
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