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DayZ server is Up and accepting new players.
Forum » Dayz » DayZ Standalone Updates/patches/news
Joined: 16th Dec 2020
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16th Dec 2020

We have DayZ up and stable after making a few changes:
1. Added a few more towns and military locations.
2. Upped the military loot and food spawn rates.
3. We also have added RCON for Remote Admin so even if we are not in game, we can still monitor it.
4. Added the following Mods:

Client Side:
2289456201,@Namalsk Island, ... tails/?id=2289456201
2289461232,@Namalsk Survival, ... tails/?id=2289461232
1565871491,@BuilderItems, ... tails/?id=1565871491
2313173630,@AutorunBarrier, ... tails/?id=2313173630
1582756848,@Zomberry, ... tails/?id=1582756848
1559212036,@CF, ... tails/?id=1559212036
1854626456,@BuildAnywhere, ... tails/?id=1854626456

1961708327,@SlowerMetabolism, ... tails/?id=1961708327

Currently, the server restarts every 6 hours starting at 6AM, then Noon, then 6PM and finally Midnight EST.

Please invite your friends.
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Last Edit: 16th Dec 2020 by Gus Gallows
Forum » Dayz » DayZ Standalone Updates/patches/news
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