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What do i get for donating to the minecraft server
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24th Nov 2013

Minecraft Donator Rank & Benefits
I see alot of people wondering where to donate so I decided to make a decent well developed info thread!

Donating to our servers helps keep the servers alive and gives you benefits at the same time! 


-Donator Rank in Minecraft and Forums
-Minecraft Ingame /give command and /heal,/fly,/hat,/jail.

Q:How long do I get my donator rank?
A: Depends are much you donate.

5$ a month

25$ for 6 months

35$ for a year

However what ever amount you can contribute is generous.

If you receive your donator rank you must however follow some rules.

1. Don't abuse your donator rank by giving yourself or anyone lava, water,TNT, Mob spawning eggs, end portals, nether portals, invisibility potions.
If it is not at spawn, Do not give it out.

2. Be responsible! Your Give power is a privilege!

Note: If any user is found abusing their donator rank and benefits maybe removed without notice.

Donations are non-refundable 


Q: Does this give me op or admin on the server
A: No, this does not give you op or admin on the server. You will receive a Donator Rank and the benefits stated above 

Q:What is the method of donating?
A: Though Paypal

Q:What do I do after I donate some money?
A:Message Rocky about your donation.
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