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7th Jun 2014

Some of u may already know who I am and why im here. For the ones who don't know just simply ask me or WPG BLOODY NINJA. Im starting this post to have ANY and ALL members of WPG that want to participate in the Xbox 360 version of WPG. We will mainly be playing CoD games. Specifically BO1,BO2, and Ghosts. I will be hosting weekly practices and soon to be tournaments. With my skills, strategies, knowledge, and help from other members we can make this team one of the best (if not the best!!!) If u would like to participate in the rise of WPG all u have to do is reply to this thread ur gamertag AND u have to also send me a msg on Xbox saying who u are and what play style u play. If u are unsure of ur play style I can help u figure out what works best for u. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT MEMBERS FROM THIS SITE. IF U HAVE NOT REGISTERED AS A MEMBER THEN I WILL NOT ALLOW U TO PARTICIPATE WITH WPG PRACTICES.
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Forum » MISC » Everything Else XBOX
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