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21st Sep 2014
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29th Aug 2014
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11th Jul 2014
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11th Jul 2014
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Awards for member GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty · View all awards

Team sharing.

Sharing items to team members such as water,food,guns.


Recuriting 10 or more Members.

MVP Killer.

Top Kills in 10 rounds of raids


Most active, Most professional,Most GFX,Most web Designer on the website.  

Being Social

Being Social with our team members and user's on our website with chat room and teamspeak. 

MVP Donator.

Donated more then 5 times on the webstie. Amount must be over $20 each time.  


This is making logo's,image's,or anything to do with the website with photoshop cs5 or gimp. (Professional look) 

Purple Heart

When down a team mate helps you get back up. once you get back up you take revenge killing the tango.  


Being most active to the team. (recruiting,active,games,website,facebook,twitter)


To show great work and Commendation to the team and taking roll to be an Admin to the site

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Most active in Forums

Most active person in Forums. Posting,Commenting,creating Forums and ideas. 

Officers VS Non-Officers

Won in the event Officers vs non-officers on Dayz. 

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Rifle Team

Call of duty. Ops order For Sniper Rifle Team-Get 150 Kills with a sniper. Completed time 2hr let one of the Leaders look over you kills before and after results.

Dayz Get over 15 kills with the mosin with at least 200 yards or more. 

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Leadership Education Training Service

Go threw LET Service's and Complete the Training.

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