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Ghost is in the air!
J0bi1Kan0bi 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Nov 2013
As you all know, COD: Ghosts is out. Look on your friends list and you may see most of them playing it  (not me as of yet, sadly) Anywho, what i looked into was information on next gen. You can purchase an upgrade for the game after you get the new console or you can get the edition that comes with the digital copy for 360 and the One for like 10 bucks more. That made me happy because I'm cheap like that (hence why I am Ghostless) There are many options, you can check 'em out  HERE <<<<<

So, to the people that have been playing. How is it? TELL ME!!! I MUST KNNOOWW! Please?

24th Nov 2013 GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty
Reminder as of Dec. 21 there will be 4v4 8 team COD:Ghost tournament. This Tournament will be based off of skill and team work. As of right now we need 30 Players to fill in the spots. For more info. please check it out and sign up today at
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