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DayZ SA Event: UN Peacekeepers
Coalminer551 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jun 2014
    Well, I've had this on my mind now for the past day now and I thought I should share my Idea ( at 4AM in the morning!:/). 
    My idea is simple. Who ever wants to join this event to gear up as UN Peacekeepers and go around saving new spawns and killing bandits.
   The Rules:
-ranks below Sargent MUST wear UN ballisticHelmets 
-ranks Sargent and above can wear a UN helmet or beret (UN version)
-clothing ttkso or GORKA clothing+vest of any kind
-No KOS 
-Have Fun
     Role play?
     Yes, role play. What I mean by that is when we meet another friendly survivor we act like we are UN Peacekeepers that were sent during the outbreak.

     I know u probably are thinking " wear a UN hat/helmet, why don't you just paint me yellow and write Shot me on my shirt!" And my resigning for this is I'm am sick of raid loot raid loot raid and so on. I want us to work as a team . Try to show new players people don't just kos. That all I have for now. I hope to try more events later on and post my review of "The Forest" later this week. If you have any questions send me a message on the site or ask me on teamspeak. This Coalminer551 aka Sgt.Mikey(DayZSA) biding you a good night!

P.S. there will be running involved. (don't complain!) 

7th Jul 2014 Maven
good idea man good
29th Jun 2014 GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty
I like it. But raiding isn't the only event we have. And with this post should be in the forums. This area is for updates. You can also put it in your activity feeds on your profile. But yes I like the idea. You havery my support on that. But make sure you have everything lined up first for this event.
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