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Dayz Mod update
GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Sep 2014
As everyone knows our dayz mod server is back up and working great. Thanks to joshy who found a guy to help us out big time. But now we will be having more updates in the mod. I myself will be making new areas and new events for us soon. We will have our own military base set up. Its going to be big like fort jackson in sc big. well close to it at least. and when we are not on i will find a way to get ai's. on there to protect our base from raids and have more ai's on there when we get attack from other teams while we are building and or just riding around. WPG military base will be our main HQ. this dosn't mean u can't go build or do your own thing. By all means go and build and ride around make a house a little or big base of your own. or do raids. or find loot. But at our base everyone has there own home there own save there own cars and more. just bear with me cause this project may take a long time. as i already been working on it for couple of days now. And i will need help doing some of this. be great. Hope that you guys are staying active to the team. i been on teamspeak as well and havn't seen much of you on. Zobex, joshy, maven, mike, slayer. is all in charge as i am gone. reason for me being goin is  that i am trying to build up our xbox team again. ill be back soon. Later. 

23rd Sep 2014 General joshy
you suck come back to pc with us
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