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Message from Ninjas Dynasty
GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Oct 2014
Message From Rocky Joe

With everything going on with the (WPG) Clean out. i want to say thank you for those who are in (WPG) still that stay true and loyal. I do love my team and it is

you guys who make this team. Not just one person nor just me.

I hope to see that this team will be more active even when i am not around

as i am doing (WPG) on xbox 360 and xbox one as well. I am also working on

PS3 and PS4 teams soon. But i want to say how proud i am to have  great

Members like you guys. How proud i am with the leaders that i have in place.

The more members we get the more we have for leadership rolls. Remember that.

How ever we do need to recruit more members. they most go over the WPG S.O.P More info about that at the bottom of this post. and more updates as well. 


  1. When a member is being recruited, They will have to wait a week before having our teamspeak info. This reduce's Hacking, Childish beaver, And unwanted drama. This will also help Admins to get paper work done for there record's and interviews. 
  2. Remember you and all new accepted recruits must be ACTIVE
  3. Everyone must recruit on steam forums on any games that we play.
  4. Admins are pushing our rules more to be more organized and run (WPG) the way a team should be run.
  5. (WPG) is your main primary team. No other team shall come upon (WPG) be proud of who you are with be loyal do what is right, and follow the leadership Values!
  6. Must read S.O.P and Rules of Recruitment before coming in (WPG).
  7. If you want L.E.T you must recruit more members. This will allow us to have more leadership rolls to put you in. Again must be active as well. show us what you can do. 
  8. Be ACTIVE on our website. 
  9. If you have facebook please like us if you can on
  10. If you have twitch and you live stream we will have a tab on this website for members to watch you from our website. 
  11. If you liked our servers that we have please donate to help us keep them up. 
  12. Looking to become an admin or mod for our website? sign up now at the tab on the top right of the home page under forum sheets. 
  13. If we all work together and make this team run the way it is meant to be. Then we all can have fun with each other more. as we all are on the same page. 
  15. Please comment below to show that you have read and understand and agreed to the new updates. 

20th Oct 2014 Black Death
Sorry I haven't been on much is so busy
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20th Oct 2014 General joshy
i read and understand fool
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