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21st Sep 2014
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29th Aug 2014
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11th Jul 2014
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11th Jul 2014
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13th Jun 2014
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Update app and need major help!
GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Nov 2014
Hello everyone. (WPG) is creating an app for all phones. But order to do all that we need major Donations made out to This app has alot of stuff that you can do. Now if you donate then that would help us out and we can add little something for you on there for 1 month. Now if you like to donate to this app monthly we can add your youtube to the app. Remind you that when you upload a new video to your profile it will update to the app as well. not only your videos but this will have you twitter if u have one twitch as will in later updates and facebook fan page made out to you. Please Read below for more info.

Why should i help pay for this app?

This app is made for user's like you and to help (WPG) out for getting our name out there. This app allows user's to meet other gamers and to see what other players can do with there video editing skills. 

What will this donation do for me monthly?

If you donate monthly this allows you to have your facebook,twitter, and much more on the app so that user's can see your videos and to get you name out there more. This will help you have more followers on youtube and facebook. On a later date with new updates depending on our user's, You will be able to get paid from (WPG) to have your name on the app. How ever this is in the works still. For more info about this message me and we can talk more.   

More info for this coming soon!

7th Nov 2014 General joshy
i myt do
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