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21st Sep 2014
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29th Aug 2014
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Really Needing Help Please!
GAGeneral *WPG* Ninjas Dynasty 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Jan 2015
Hey as most of you know, I have been working hard to update alot of new things for (WPG) and trying to work hard to get it done. But as all of you know that there is just so much i can do. So i am asking for donations to help us out the team. Heres why. This website is being take down soon. so for 11yrs having this site we are in need of updating it and by doing so we have to take it down soon. I have been working with Izzy from to make us a new website. This is his job. He likes his money up front paid in full. But i have worked out a deal with him. i need $250 to get started. As he will start working on the site i will pay him monthly about $100 to $150 until the site is done. This means i need help, Your guys help to donate to (WPG) it could be $5 every two weeks or ever week. Could be $50 or more or even $10 its up to you and its up to you to donate. But again keep in mind this is for your team. To make it pro. with a pro look and to bring more players and users to us. Meaning new ppl. more updates from ppl. We will also have a new tournament page with status and all. This will make us more money meaning hey someone gets a game. or admins get paid for there job, This will open jobs up for ppl. Also With james from verthosting. Been working hard with him to get us cheap servers. Meaning he will host our servers for hardly any money but i need donations to help out with all this. I can't keep going on because i am so tight with money. Altho i help as much as i can and u can see on the home page under donations all i been doing. We also have an app on our phones but it also needs to be updated. What happen with that is the host who host our apps went out and sold there site for something else. another host came to me and told me they can host our app for cheap as well. But it well have more stuff on it and updates to it as well. So if you like to see ur team become better, grow, become part of something great, This would be your chance to do so. Again you do not have to, But this is something i would like to see done. We been around for 11yrs now. since beastmode to socialgamersdomain to wastedprodigygamers. I would love to see that for once in this life time that something we did was for the better of helping our users on this site helping our team, working together to make something out of nothing. Getting great ideas and make them bigger. To really help other gamers. To become something more then just a clan but a community with in it self and becoming something that no one else could. And i can't do this with out you guys. I can't make it work if we dont work together as a team. So im asking monthly weekly donations to help (WPG) out it would do some good. Please and thank you. 

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