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WPG Standard Operating Procedure

Rules and Regulations

1. You must learn all Rules and Regulations order to join the Team.
2. All  members must comply with all higher rank members.
3. All new recruits are on a 1 week stand by period upon request to join WPG.(
WPG has the right to kick you for any legitimate reason during this time.)
4. All new accepted recruits are on a one month probation period.
5. All new recruits shall be treated with respect as if they are one of our own.
6. If any member leaves the Team with out central departure, (IE- letting administration know), they shall not return.
7. Do not disrespect any religion using any Titles, Emblems, and Words etc.
8. You must show up to meetings, Events "if you accepted on the event forum,"ops orders, endless prior notice etc.
9. You must show up to Events on time 30 minutes to an hour before event or ops order starting time.

10. Do not start drama, or roomers about other people.
11. If other members come to WPG complaining about your behavior, we reserve the right to kick/ban you. This does not apply to the owner nor the co-leader.

12. No Advertisements! This means DO NOT ADVERTISE OTHER CLANS,TEAMS, OR ANY ADS on our website, teamspeak, servers or anything that WPG owns.  This is an AUTOMATIC ban

13. Starting bad talks about the team and leaders is not allowed, Blaming others and accusing with false events is also not allowed. These two are Automatic Ban!

14. Do not tell the leaders how to run the team. WIll be gone.
15. You must reply to your leaders when they invite you to a game, or message you. Failure to do so will lead to a write up. Please, remember to show respect to your leaders.
16. Failure to follow any rules will lead to a write up. After 3 write ups you will be put on a Probationary period in which your superiors will decide upon the worth of your contributions to the Team.

17. If you donate a server to us or we host a server, we want to say THANK YOU first of all. However, the name (WPG) is Copyrighted. The (WPG) owner Ninjas Dynasty AKA Rocky Joe must have full access to the server as it is under his name. This means if he does not have full access to the server, you do not have permission to use the  name (WPG), as Rocky Joe's own name and access is not on that account, subuser or not.  

This S.O.P could change with out warning
This S.O.P is not exempt to possible changes

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